Doggie Daycare

Monday – Friday:   7am-7pm
Saturday:  8am-5pm
Sunday: Pick-up only 3pm-5pm
Shhhhhhh…Nap Time 12:30-1:30 (Mon – Fri)

Daycare Rates:

  •   Under 20 lbs
  •   21-50 lbs
  •   51-80 lbs
  •   81+ lbs
  • Daily Rate*
  • $12
  • $14
  • $16
  • $18
  • 10-Day Package*
  • $110
  • $130
  • $150
  • $170
  • 20-Day Package*
  • $215
  • $255
  • $295
  • $335
  • 30-Day Package*
  • $315
  • $375
  • $435
  • $495

*No package refunds after 30 days from purchase date.

*Package refunds within 30 days, daycare days used will be charged at full rate with the remaining balance being refunded.

New registrations must be submitted 72 hours in advance.

With 10 outdoor play yards over an acre and a half, plus more than 11,000 sq. ft. of indoor play space, pups get all the pack time and play time they need. If your pup is older or infirmed we can often make special arrangements. Even watching other dogs play can do a dog good.

Overnight Boarding $10 in addition to daycare.

We have comfy kennels, Karunda beds, cozy quiet rooms, futons and pillows. After a day of play and a good meal, it’s the perfect place for your pup to curl up.

We require pups staying for first time to come for a day of daycare prior to boarding. By picking them up after a day of play, pups are less anxious when they come back. It will make your pet’s stay a lot more enjoyable.

Pups staying with us for 7 days and 6 nights or longer receive a complimentary go-home-clean bath.


Our Food – $1 per cup

The food we serve is all organic and grain free with complete and balanced nutrition.
All our pups, young and old, thrive on it.

Your Food- Individually bagged-No Charge

Changing your dog’s diet could lead to an upset tummy. For accuracy and sanitation please bring your pup’s regular food individually bagged with the exact portion you wish served for each meal. If you bring food in bulk there may be a charge for portioning each meal.

Please make sure you take any leftover food home with you. Dry food left longer than a week will be sent to feed the hungry pets of registered recipients of the Dallas Meals on Wheels program.